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Theo Sturge originally trained as an archaeological conservator, and spent many years working in museums on both archaeological material recovered from excavations,and more recent historic material. A variety of items can be treated ranging from metal work to pottery. If in doubt please ask, if it not something that can be treated here, guidance will be given on finding an alternative conservator/restorer.
Near right. Hilt of Saxon sword conserved for a private client. Corroding areas were consolidated and a sealed purpose made Perspex box was constructed so that it could be kept dry to prevent further corrosion. Conserved for a private client.

Far right. Bronze statue. The internal support broke after a fall and the sections came apart. The support was repaired and the statue was reassembled.

saxon sword restoration bronze statue restoration

If you are unsure if work is possible, please make contact and find out. Contact details are on the home page.

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