Leather furniture restoration.

The majority of leather on furniture is used for upholstery. This often appears worn, and rather neglected. It is usually possible to reinstate the lost colour and to repair the splits. The result is often much better looking than new leather.

Leather also appears on bookcases, chests, picture frames etc. This too can be treated.


More examples of work on leather.

cockfighting chair upholstery A cockfighting chair or library chair, conserved for Kedleston Hall, The National Trust.
leather chair upholstery before conservation The arm of the chair was very worn. Much of the surface colour had been lost, and there was a substantial hole.
leather chair upholstery after conservation The same arm of the chair after conservation. The hole has been filled with new leather, and colour has been applied to the worn surface to make it blend in with the surrounding area. It would have been possible to add more colour than this, but in this case this was considered sufficient to give the desired appearance of care.
More examples of work on leather.

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